Reeds School -Cobham, Surrey UK

Reeds School is an independent boarding school in Cobham, Surrey. The school has a long and proud history and recently celebrated its 200th anniversary when the Queen visited.

The school has a strong academic focus and is ranked in the top 20 UK boarding schools.

STEM is delivered through multiple pathways including enrichment, extra-curricula and through an integrated STEM subject in years 7-9.

The integrated subject brings together design and technology, robotics and coding over 6-8 weeks for around 2.5hrs a week

Enrichment programs run after school and LEGO NXT/EV3 robotics is very popular among year 7/8 students. Weekend STEM workshops for local schools are also popular and regularly book out.

Challenges include ensuring the right balance of staff experience and interest for the skills and topics being taught and finding a balance between open ended project based learning and adherence to curriculum and timetabling requirements

The school completed its FutureTech building two years ago. FutureTech aims to be a focus point for innovations, design and STEM learning. It is very much a 21st century learning space with expansive use of natural light and glass, gallery and content curation spaces. Dedicated rooms are available for design and technology, robotics and computing.

The school is currently reviewing the nature and purpose of the FutureTech centre to best meet the needs of its students from 7-9 and 10-12 during the formal years of study.

Thanks to David Atkins for hosting my visit.

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