Churchill Fellowship to the USA and UK exploring effective STEM teaching

With the move in Australia to a new national curriculum from 2014 on and new syllabus for key learning areas including maths and science, an exploration of schools and institutions effectively delivering MES and STEM program is opportune.

Increasingly we see inquiry based learning identified as a key to student engagement, differentiated learning opportunities. 21C teaching and learning strategies such as communication, collaboration, and creativity. STEM programs provide an ideal entry point for schools and educators seeking to incorporate these skills and processes using an engaging subject matter. 1:1 devices, BYOD and integration of the right ICT tool at the right time are essential enablers for student success.

My own school Mt Ousley Public School in Wollongong, NSW values all of the above and our website showcases through movies, reports and blogs our vision and beliefs.

The nature of this blog will be to report on those institutions that generously hosted a visit and provide some thoughts and comments on the structures, programs and philosophies that underpin the teaching and learning of STEM in them.

Preston Middle School–  Fort Collins, Colorado

Northland Preparatory Academy, Flagstaff, Arizona

Coconino High and Sinagua Middle, Flagstaff, Arizona

High Tech Highs –  San Diego, California

National STEM Centre and European Space Education Resource Office –  York, UK

The Skinners’ School –  Royal Tunbridge Wells, UK

Reeds School, Cobham, Surrey, UK

National Science Teachers Association USA National Conference –  Boston, MA

Centre for Engineering Outreach and Education –  TUFTS University, MA

School of Engineering and Arts, Golden Valley, MN




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