Scientists and Schools – Partnerships that Work!

Mt Ousley PS has recently been partnered Dr Ali Haydar Goktogan who is  a Research Fellow at the  Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR) at Sydney University. I recently Skyped with Ali and we explored how we might work together to enhance learning opportunities for our students studying robotics and use the 5Es to explore, engage etc. We were both enthusiastic about the partnerships and it already looks like we have arranged a school visit from Ali to demonstrate some robotics models, a field trip to ACFR and also a visit to the Powerhouse Museum to use the Pathways to Space – Mars Simulation Robotics that Ali helped build.

Increasingly partnerships between schools and scientists are being viewed as an effective way to bridge gaps in science teaching and learning and importantly add a real world context to student learning.

The Australian model of Scientists in Schools has proven highly successful and a recently released report paints a very enthusiastic model accepted by both the teaching and science communities.

Furthermore a new international teacher -scientist conference has just been announced due to increased focus on this important area.

Building partnerships, professional networking through a PLN and embracing opportunities are what makes for successful and fulfuling teaching and learning in this day and age. Long live sharing!

ISS EarthKAM New Mission

There is a great opportunity coming up to engage your middle schools students with real data and space imagery. The ISS EarthKAM mission for November is up and running. This mission allows students to request photographs from the ISS. Students enter codewords and lat/long along with orbits for their desired photo location. The digital cameras on the ISS will take the photo and students can analyse the result.

My students in the past have responded well to the nature of the task and it’s real with great teaching opportunties in mathematics and geography. I written more at this previous post. Jump on board at